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Statistics Functions for Sequence Data Analysis

.. currentmodule:: sctools

This module implements statistical modules for sequence analysis

base4_entropy(x: np.array, axis: int=1)
    calculate the entropy of a 4 x sequence length base frequency matrix

OnlineGaussianSuficientStatistic        Empirical (online) calculation of mean and variance


from typing import Tuple
import numpy as np

[docs]def base4_entropy(x, axis=1): """Calculate entropy in base four of a data matrix x Useful for measuring DNA entropy (with 4 nucleotides) as the output is restricted to [0, 1] Parameters ---------- x : np.ndarray array of dimension one or more containing numeric types axis : int, optional axis to calculate entropy across. Values in this axis are treated as observation frequencies Returns ------- entropy : np.ndarray array of input dimension - 1 containin entropy values bounded in [0, 1] """ # convert to probabilities if axis == 1: x = np.divide(x, np.sum(x, axis=axis)[:, None]) else: x = np.divide(x, np.sum(x, axis=axis)) with np.errstate(divide="ignore"): r = np.log(x) / np.log(4) # convention: 0 * log(0) = 0, != -INF. r[np.isinf(r)] = 0 return np.abs(-1 * np.sum(x * r, axis=axis))
[docs]class OnlineGaussianSufficientStatistic: """ Implementation of Welford's online mean and variance algorithm Methods ------- update(new_value: float) incorporate new_value into the online estimate of mean and variance mean() return the mean value calculate_variance() calculate and return the variance mean_and_variance() return both mean and variance """ __slots__ = ["_count", "_mean", "_mean_squared_error"] def __init__(self): self._mean_squared_error: float = 0.0 self._mean: float = 0.0 self._count: int = 0
[docs] def update(self, new_value: float) -> None: self._count += 1 delta = new_value - self._mean self._mean += delta / self._count delta2 = new_value - self._mean self._mean_squared_error += delta * delta2
@property def mean(self) -> float: """return the mean value""" return self._mean
[docs] def calculate_variance(self): """calculate and return the variance""" if self._count < 2: return float("nan") else: return self._mean_squared_error / (self._count - 1)
[docs] def mean_and_variance(self) -> Tuple[float, float]: """calculate and return the mean and variance""" return self.mean, self.calculate_variance()